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Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a new TV series in USA Network about hacktivism. This is a spolier-free opinion post, so feel confident to read it and, of course, give the series a try if you like it! Read More ›

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War against Boilerplate | Code Completions

Writing code in Java for Android has sometimes a lot of boilerplate code associated. In this series of posts I will present some features in the IDE or the language that we can use to reduce writing such boilerplate. Read More ›

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Book Review Your Code as a Crime Scene

Achieving perfection in code is nearly impossible. That's why we have refactoring; to help us improve our code when we determine something *smells bad* in our design. But sometimes things might not be obvious. For those cases, **Your Code as a Crime Scene** is a great book to provide you with tools to find places in your code where something is screaming for a refactoring. Read More ›

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HOW TO - Create your custom Achievements list and Leaderboards with Google Play Games in Android

Google Play Games is a good library to include gamification elements into your app, such as Achievements and Leaderboards. In this tutorial, I will show how to implement your custom visualization for Achievements and Leaderboards. Read More ›

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Book Review Apprenticeship Patterns

Either if you are a newbie in the software industry or you already have several years of experience developing software, Apprenticeship Patterns is a good book to reflect about several habits that you acquire along the road and to focus on becoming a better software engineer. Read it and start your journey to become a master software craftsman. Read More ›