Useful Mac OS X Apps for developers

A nice set of apps for Mac OS X, specially oriented to developers

Following up the nice post by Pablo Guardiola titled Must-have Mac OS X Apps, I decided to add my 2 cents and write a blog post with some apps which are very helpful in my daily life as a software developer, besides the ones he already recommended in his blog.


Transmit is a nice FTP/SFTP/S3/WebDAV client. I used to use FileZilla before, but Transmit has a much cleaner UI and its look and feel is more integrated with OS X.

Transmit Screenshot


If besides uploading files to your server you would like to edit some text files on the fly without worrying to download, open them in a text editor, saving and uploading them again, then Coda is your tool. It becomes specially useful if you are editing web-related files thanks to its syntax highlighting.


Although there are tools more powerful than this, the official GitHub app always comes handy to commit and push changes to your GitHub repositories.

GitHub Screenshot

Android Tool

I mainly do Android development and sometimes the official tools are terrible when you have to take a screenshot or record a video of your device. Fortunately, around one month ago, I discovered Android Tool, which aims to simplify all these tasks. It also enables to install APK files from your Mac onto your Android device. Also, the project is open source, so if you find a bug or want to add a new feature, it will be nice.

Android Tool Screenshot


Have you ever had to convert videos to the appropriate format so they can be played on your device? Handbrake has always been helpful for me. The project is open source too, and I really like the cocktail icon!



Last, but not least, I have always hated MS Word, and never got used to Pages. Besides, I have had to write many research papers while pursuing my Ph.D., so I got used to writing in LaTeX (which is kind of hipster I guess… I usually feel like I am sort of programing a text). After trying many different tools, I found Latexian. The thing I like the most about it is that you can actually see a live preview of the document you are editing at the moment. Unfortunately, I just discovered that the company developing it ran out of business and it won’t receive more support.

There are much more useful apps than these (for instance, I am using MacDown to edit this post) and I would love to hear from you about your favorites, so leave a comment below!

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